About Olivia

olivia biffot

5”8 | 130 LBS 

Born in Paris, Olivia spent her childhood between Great Britain, Gabon, South Korea and South Africa. 


Her feature films include: FAST LIFE produced by EuropaCorp and 419 alongside Jimmy Jean Louis (NBC Heroes). Both films were released in 2014.  


Olivia was a finalist of the 2015 French NationalHumorist Championships and voted Best Female Comedian Newcomer. She does stand-up


Olivia is a writer for the season 4 and 5 of 

She recently wrote, directed, produced and starred in her own webseries " Mixed-Up"


Olivia is based in Los Angeles.

Fun facts

- Holds a MA in Governance and Public Policy with Disctinctions 

- 아파요 ("ah pa yo") meaning " it hurts" is the first word Olivia learnt in Korea. It involved screaming and her ballet teacher pushing  her legs to do the splits 

- One of her stand-up act is about her parents' reaction when she told them she was going to become an actres

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EuropaCorp | Fast Life ​

Supporting role - Leslie

Supporting role - Joy

Adhesive Production | 419 


Lead Actress

Sesame Street Workshop | Griff The Gamer                 

Short movie

Lost Words | Phumi Morare  

Lead Actress

Lead Actress

Outbreak | Cyril Zima

Lead Actress

Broken toy | Bertrand Cazor


Lead Actress

Mixed-Up ​

Special Skills

Ballet, African Dance,Belly Dancing, Hip Hop Dance

Piano, Pop Singing, R & B Singing

Athletics, Basketball, Handball, Pole Vault, Running, Skiing,

Thai Boxing, Volleybal

Training & Workshops

LA SAG Conservatory 

Upright Citizens Brigade | Todd Fasen

On Camera Cold Reading and Scene Study | Doug Warhit

Master Class | training directed by Catlin Adams

The Théâtre de L’Oeuvre | training directed by award winner actor Niels Arestrup 


French: native

Accents: American, African

English: native

Accents: American (NY), French, London, African

Spanish: intermediate

Nigerian pidgin: learned for the role of Joy in 419


US | Laugh Factory, Tao Comedy Club…

UK | Lions Den, Laughing horse, Jesters Jesters